Yung Shen, a century-old rice noodle manufacturer in Hsinchu
How to make good-quality rice noodles from only rice and water?
By acquiring the identity certifications of our product, we are able to guarantee our customer not only that our rice noodle is made of 100% purity of rice, but also its authentic delicacy. This pure delicacy can never be easily replicatedd by a quick method or cheap alternative ingredient.
Sheng Kuang, a well-known leading brand of pure rice noodles in Taiwan, is a brand of Yung Shen.
Made with strictly selected Taiwan's indica rice.
Cooperating with rice experts at Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Yung Shen always selects the rice variety which is most suitable for making rice noodles. We are keen to use the traceable agricultural rice and organic rice to make pure rice noodles without any additives and gluten.
Reserved the essence of traditional craftsmanship
Made through a time-consuming process of more than 24 hours of three working days, from rinsing, soaking, and then grinding the rice into pulp, the rice noodles are full of the fragrance of rice and are fine, firm, soft and al dental.
Lead the industry in quality certifications
In addition to getting ISO22000 and HACCP certifications, Yung Shen is the first of the rice noodle manufacturer that has passed Traceable Agricultural Products (TAP) certification in Taiwan. And it is the only rice noodle manufacturer in Hsinchu that has passed Tse-Xin Organic Certification and Clean Label.


Yung Shen's rice noodles are made of Taiwan's premium rice and extracted through time-consuming process. Non-additive, non-bleaching, gluten-free, easy-to-enjoy, delicious, and healthy. Relish the delicacy!

Tips and tricks for beginners

Cooking pure rice noodles is quick and easy.

Is the rice noodle dish you cooked a culinary delight or dark cuisine? The difference is determined by a second. Get hold of the unique feature “quick and easy” of Yung Shen pure rice noodles, use simple cooking techniques and say good-bye to mushy and crumbly rice noodles. Even for pure rice noodles, the cooking techniques vary according to different thickness and production process. For fine rice noodles, stew them after cooking. For thick rice noodles, soak them before cooking. For both of them, prevent overcooking. LEARN MORE

Cooking tips for pure rice noodles: Making tasty rice noodles with the right techniques
Shen Kuang Series
Love Forever Series
No soaking, no blanching, slightly rinse the rice noodles with cold water. 1 to 1.5 mintes(Let the rice noodles are about 90% done cooking.) Put a lid on and let rice noodles rest for a few minutes. Then open the lid and fluff them.
Yung Shen Thick Rice Noodles
Soak the rice noodles for 5 to 20 minutes (or less by using hot water) to loosen them. 5 to 8 minutes. done

Yungshen Rice Noodles Siangshan direct selling store

A legacy of 100 years The authentic delicacy made with 100% rice

Yungshen Rice Noodles Siangshan direct selling store is close to Meishan Exploration Zone. You can buy rice noodles and pork balls, and you are welcomed to visit here.