Cooking stir fried noodles

Instructions for cooking tasty stir fried noodles


The product is  pre-cooked and steamed, no soaking or boiling required before cooking.

1.      Rinse the noodles for 10 seconds, and drain the water away.
2.      Fry together by Mixing a spoonful of edible oil with shrimps, mushrooms, red carrots.
         Then add some salt, a bit MSG, and soy sauce for seasoning.
3.      Add some water, vegetables, and fry together with rice noodles by pair of chopsticks, till
         the noodles suck up the soup, turn off the stove. (ex. 100 g rice noodles needs 170 cc water)
4.      Cover with the lid for 2 min, and it is ready to serve.